Peer to Peer

The Connex Group has a distinguished reputation for facilitating high impact communication among executives in its sectors. Quarterly sector consultations consist of small groups of decision makers, affording a rare opportunity to learn from true peers in an intimate, candid environment.

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Raymond C. Chase VP Revenue Management, CHI St Joseph's Hospital

“It is so important being able to connect with your peers, to discuss openly about those key issues that are driving your organization in today’s ever changing environment, that if you have the time to attend more of their peer meetings, you should; simply because of the quality of people and organizations that either have found a solution or can advise on what pathways not to take.”

Renee Ennis VP – CFO, PDS, Presbyterian Healthcare Services

“The networking with colleagues and vendors in the healthcare sector is extremely important. This peer group gives me the opportunity to discuss current issues in a friendly and professional atmosphere. It allows time for sharing best practices, as well as discussing challenges that we face in the healthcare industry.”

Lennis Thompson VP & CFO, Hardin Memorial Health

“The Healthcare Finance Sector Meeting that I was lucky enough to participate in last September was one of, if not, the most beneficial Peer Groups I have ever attended. I got more out of the chance to set in small groups of peers from all over the country and different size organizations and discuss pressing topics that I was dealing with at that time than any power point presentation I have ever seen. I would recommend this format of Peer Meeting to anyone in healthcare today.”