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“Look to your left, look to your right, because one of you won’t be here by the end of the year.” This famous quote from the movie The Paper Chase is one all practitioners of the law know by heart. However, if succeeding in law school is hard; succeeding in the legal field, after the wheat has been separated from the chaff, is even harder.


David Kenzer is the Vice President and General Counsel at Toptal LLC. As a thought leader in the Legal industry, and a frequent advisor on Connex’s legal peer groups; David shares sage advice on how to be successful in the Legal profession.

  1. Become a solid business person
  2. Talk (and write) like a client (business person) – be brief, to the point, and lead with an answer
  3. It is OK to not know everything — rely on your experts and specialists ( i.e. “I’ll get back to you with an answer…”)

The most successful lawyers are those who are also savvy in business world. Those who can’t sell themselves to clients—be they internal or external—are setting themselves up for failure. Kenzer’s advice focuses on brevity when communicating to clients—remember that they didn’t (in most cases) go to law school and spending time on the finer points of the law can lead to losing their attention.

Finally, the wisest among us know that they do not know everything. Knowing when to dish out advice and when to call in experts and do your due diligence will help professionals avoid giving rushed or sloppy advice that can lead to losses down the road.

Do you believe that to be successful in the legal industry means being a good business person? Sound off in the comments or tweet us @ConnexLegal.

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