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Career Insights – If I Knew Then What I Know Now

HR and Benefits professionals have a tough job inasmuch as they must serve both the C-Suite and stakeholders. Essentially, they have to please everyone, which we all know from experience isn’t possible. Instead, professionals in this space must perform a balancing act, achieving the lofty goal of getting that C-Level buy-in while also ensuring that programs and initiatives will keep employees happy, healthy and productive.

We sat down with member Brooke Birdsong, Director of Total Rewards at Associa, to discuss the importance of including your frontline employees in developing business strategies.

“Buy-in has been a hot button topic in the HR/Ben world for years. I would tell my younger self that any strategy must include not only C-level buy-in, but it is imperative to seek out the thoughts, opinions, goals, and values of the “frontline.”

They are ultimately our client as HR business partners, and a small number can turn the boat—or overturn it—impacting morale, perception, and the success of a project. They will often be the employees to either get it done or destroy it.

So, be continually mindful that while a “seat at the table” is highly desired, the employee often gets the last word.”

What are your strategies for gaining buy-in from the C-Suite? From frontline employees? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @ConnexHRBen

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