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Steve Sons, VP HR Operations, GlaxoSmithKline

A consultant at The Connex Group recently sat down with Steve Sons, VP of HR Operations at GlaxoSmithKline to discuss his experiences working in the Human Resources sector. Throughout the course of the conversation, Steve shared insights on his early career.

We asked Steve to travel back in time to when his career first began and briefly expand upon the following thought – If you knew then what you know now.

The ability to see into the future would probably be a truly mixed blessing.  However it would have been great to know early in my career what I know now.  I would have been even more excited about a career in Human Resources and the way the profession would grow, develop and become such an integral component of the leadership teams of the world’s best companies. It is clear that Human Resources is a strong contributor to the growth of our organizations – something that makes us proud.

There are two things that I would have done differently. I had opportunities early in my career to take on an assignment outside the U.S. and to move into a line function outside human resources.  I did not capitalize on these opportunities. Looking back I wish I had. Globalization has demanded that we be able to understand and appreciate how cultural differences impact the success of our organizations. Credibility, understanding and appreciation come from breadth of experience. Take opportunities when they arise and if they don’t arise go find them.


If you are an HR professional and would like to contribute to the Career Insights series, please contact Katie Willard at chronicle@theconnexgroup.com.

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