About The Connex Group

The Connex Group is a unique business information consulting company, committed to helping our clients achieve their strategic and tactical goals through our exceptionally cost and time-efficient processes.

The Connex platform is direct and effective: Identify and target root cause issues preventing the client from achieving their strategic business objectives. We don’t attempt to be everything to everyone and are committed to applying our highly successful three-pronged methodology: incisive problem diagnosis; application of case-study based best practices; and a rigorous evaluation of potential solutions.

In each of our practice areas, The Connex Group has developed a highly vetted network of end-users and solution-providing domain experts, each of whom contributes their unique perspective and insights to our extensive informational database. The Connex Network leverages this aggregated knowledge to function as a proactive filter, separating causes from symptoms to minimize wasted effort, preserve client resources, and support outcome-based business improvement plans.


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